Chargeback Company Provides technique to Fight Back

Chargeback Expertz is a Detailed Risk Management Company helping Retail and Online Merchants. Chargeback Expertz's system is designed to defend the eCommerce Business against all types of Fraud and Threats. We approach our work as a long-term focus. Chargeback Expertz provides Pre-Chargeback Alerts which act as a notification prior to a Chargeback. This service has tremendously helped merchants stop and manage their Chargebacks and Disputes. Chargeback Expertz manually generates responses to merchants Chargebacks, following the rules and regulations defined by Card Networks.

Chargeback Expertz highlights insight into your business, allowing you to focus on your business and not the “drama” behind the scenes. Built around top executives from every part of the industry, the Chargeback Expertz team has one of the widest knowledge bases out there. Our management team works closely with every client to ensure success for years. If you remember but one thing about this industry, remember everything is built on relationships. When you find good people to work with a stick with them and grow with them.

Chargeback Prevention Alerts

This means information on Disputed Transaction that Chargeback Expertz distributes in an attempt to intercept confirmed and submitted by the bank

Chargeback Prevention AlertsThis means information on Disputed Transaction that Chargeback Expertz distributes in an attempt to intercept confirmed and submitted by the bank

Confirmed Disputed Transaction

This means a transaction for which it is known that the transaction will be disputed by the cardholder


This means information on Confirmed Disputed Transaction that includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Card Number
  2. Transaction Amount
  3. Date and time of Transaction

Participating Issuer

This means a card issuer that has agreed to provide Chargeback Expertz with Data on Confirmed Disputed Transaction

Outcome Information

This means the result of an alert provided to the merchant which includes:

1. The result of Account Suspended

Shipment Stopped, Transaction Refunded, Order Previously Cancelled, Too Late, or Other.

2. The date and Time of the Response

3. Additionally optional relevant information about a transaction

4. Any other commentary as it specifically relates to the outcome of the transaction.

Our Technology:

Chargeback Prevention Notification System:

Defend all kinds of Disputes and Fraud through our rigorous Chargeback Prevention Notification System, divided into Six Categories based on priority and fraud. We have even reached out to other associates who are defending Chargebacks each day and included those kinds of notifications as well.

Merchant Processing Analysis

Chargeback Expertz provides a Monthly and Quarterly Analysis showing statistics and reports that make sense. The credit card companies follow a strict 1 Chargeback to 100 Transactions Rule. (This may differ in some international online business categories.) It's important to keep track of your merchant processing, refunds, and disputes count and ratio, as Chargebacks are bad for business and can be a frustrating experience.

Customer Service

Chargeback Expertz has offered Customer Service since 2011. Allowing us to help you with excellent Customer Service lets you focus on new customers. Customer Service covers processing new orders, helping existing customers with products and/or services, a monitored email system, and processing of returns through a 24/7 facility. Through our extensive reports, you will know how many customers are Chargeback Abusers and on which campaigns to concentrate. Our process is Simple and Effective.